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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 16, 2019 11:00pm-11:15pm CEST

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t w. this is g w news live from berlin tonight changing the rules for who may and may not cross the border u.s. president unveils an immigration overhaul the u.s. president wants to favor higher skilled migrants who can speak english he wants less priority for those with family ties to america but with a divided congress is his plan dead on arrival also coming up grinded trafficking christian girls and women from pakistan married off to men in china the bryants are told their future grooms are also christian and wealthy but the reality is very
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different and the chinese dissident artist ai wei wei signs off from germany with the biggest show with his work ever seen in europe will take you. i'm bored go off it's good to have you with us u.s. president on the trump has announced plans to tighten immigration which would make it tougher to gain entry into the united states trump wants immigrants to have better english proficiency and more job skills also he says that he wants to reduce the number of asylum seekers but his initiative it stands little chance of passing because of the divided congress that it has to get through here is part of what trump said about his plan earlier today here on this very beautiful spring day. in
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the rose garden to unveil our plan to create a fair modern and lawful system of immigration for the united states and its about time. if it dumped it our plan will transform america's immigration system into the pride of our nation and the envy of the modern world are the overs the u.s. president speaking of ever will for more on trump's immigration reforms a plan that was put together by the way by his sudden wall. buts go to our correspondent in washington alexander a fun good evening to you alexander so tell us a little bit more about i'll call it the trump plan but we all know it's really the trump plan. yes so the trump administration or what trump has said today is that he wants to transform or to create
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a fur and know full and more darn immigration system that is based on merits and that means trump wants to majority of the people coming into the country to be educated and skilled workers scientists doctors engineers and he wants to limit the number of people who are coming into the u.s. because they have family here family members that are already you as citizens and he also wants to limit the number of people seeking asylum he said today that the u.s. asylum system is being used but by frivolous claims he has not presented any details or evidence for that by basically what the trump white house is proposing is a sort of pine system that would make it easier for skilled well educated workers who can speak english and may already have half a job offer to come to the you asked this planet is similar to what we find to cure
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the in australia for example but those countries do not. the dreamers young people who came illegally to the united states as children what what about them in this plan. was quite striking that the plan does not address the dreamers and there are a faint roughly 3600000 the line young people who were granted to work permits and protection from deport taishan by the obama administration about president strom as we know it eliminated this obama era program and now those young people are in limbo pending court's decisions so the plan is not addressing this issue and that's why it's rather odd likely that democrats are going to support this plan. the chances of getting this plan through are not very good or that you know them to none i would say that not only the democrats are not suppose
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supporting this plan the republicans are not techie with that either this plan is not designed to become law and that's what senator graham said and he is a republican and a trump ally. a washington bureau chief alexander phenomenon the story tonight with this trump immigration plan well it's under thank you. well in pakistan's punjab christian community a story tonight of logs and unscrupulous marriage brokers who were promising desperate christian families money and the better life for their daughters the catch the young women must marry and move to china hundreds of pakistani girls and women are being married off this way it's an unexpected consequence of china's one child policy which tipped the country's gender balance towards men.
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chinese men are in need of brides and this is where they hope to find them in pakistan small and vulnerable christian community. girls like these are you old with promises of a better life and told them marry a wealthy christian convert their parents are promised money. but these are almost always lies. as was married to a chinese man at 16 she's back home now pregnant and trying to forget her last christmas in china. my husband beat me when i said i wanted to go to church he was tired but i was insisting and he struck me and stepped on my phone breaking it. up but it will be on their own why with all of the. market had a similar experience after marrying at 19 she moved to a remote chinese village with her husband once there she says she wasn't allowed to
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leave the house. name. or didn't want to go to china but it was up to my parents after the marriage they said i should go but i would have a good life. any day if i doesn't we did. a good life it's a promise that many are falling for an impoverished christian communities in punjab activists say that marriage brokers cruise around churches to look for potential brides and recruit local priest for help in targeting the poorest families both mark and mark's marriages are said to have been arranged with the help of a pastor from this church. who. is a christian activist and journalist he says grooms pay up to $5000.00 for the service and the biggest share ends up in the chinese dealers pockets or the pakistani deal. that's around 200000 rupees in the family about 300000. it's
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big business and in china openly at a time this great feat he promotes matchmaking services namak screams the latest. in my opinion this is human trafficking and the chinese government is responsible for this if their citizens are doing these things. pakistan recently arrested at least 8 chinese nationals suspected of trafficking women and more arrests are expected china says it has 0 tolerance for the practice but human rights minister says beijing is enabling marriage broke has by issuing visas and documents to pakistani brides without asking questions. through some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world of its whalers self declared president one why go has confirmed efforts are underway in norway to mediate between his opposition and president nicolas maduro his
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government. says he will not enter into any faults negotiation. says he is open to dialogue that the opposition has been trying to seize power by force brazil's indigenous chief roy only met took has met with french president in mind in paris is visiting europe to highlight the threat to the amazon rain forest he hopes to raise 1000000000 euros to protect the zynga reserve which is home to many of brazil's tribal peoples. former u.s. intelligence analyst chelsea manning has been jailed for contempt for the 2nd time this year she refused to testify to a grand jury about her leak of classified documents to wiki leaks manning said she would fight against subpoenas to do so forever indefinite. the u.s. state of missouri's republican led senate has passed
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a bill to ban abortions at 8 weeks of pregnancy the legislation makes exceptions for medical emergencies but not pregnancies resulting from rape or incest abortion opponents in the us are hoping new restrictions will leave the supreme court to overturn an historic ruling which legalized abortion. in the catholic church the role of women who are not nuns has long been a point of contention women are not allowed to become priests for example here in germany a group of catholic women say they are sick of the male dominated church so they're boycotting the voluntary work they do in calling for a more liberal forward thinking church they've chosen the motto maria 2.0 maria being the german name for the virgin mary. they're determined to be heard the women of the maria $2.00 movement they want to
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a new reformed more woman friendly church they've gathered in front of the berlin cathedral to make their demands clear to the male dominated catholic church. we need equal treatment and rights and i think things are going to change the time has come for people to smoothly finally realize that women in the catholic church should home various positions. since last saturday women have been protesting across germany for a more liberal catholic church they wear white shawls and improvised church services white is the color of hope hope that something will change. yes the thought of. the 1st demand is that all these cases of abuse be thoroughly investigated and that the perpetrators be punished and removed from their positions the 2nd demand is that the church change it stunned some sexuality and the 3rd thing is that women must also be allowed to be ordained so. according to
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a survey most bishops in germany reject the women's protest even the bishop of berlin the intended recipient of the message of these demonstrators didn't appear but one priest did show his solidarity. i also support their concerns something has to give in all church and the people who are here those who are truly involved in the church in their congregations and for whom it's really important to spend that time there and they really want that church to have a future to come from. these women don't want to just play supporting roles in the catholic church with their weeklong church boycott and protests they hope they can change the face of the catholic church. or the artist ai wei wei has called berlin home for the past 3 years he left house
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arrest and forced censorship back in china you may remember well he recently announced that he's leaving germany and he's signing off with the largest european exhibition of his work in the german city of dusseldorf as ever the show mixes human rights advocacy with some of the unexpected. beyond sr an activist by way way opens his largest european show ever into suitable for germany and he's in an expectedly unpredictable mood. the show comprises a huge range of his work some not so well known. and some now famous in their own right. he's lived and worked from berlin since he fled china in 2015 i think. i'm. sure. this is. off. and he's maintained his provocative style.
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his most recent work focuses on the plight and experience of migrants and refugees exhibiting all the clothes left at a greek refugee camp before it was cleared by the authorities so i don't know what was life. when no one could be see or i think you would never settle for what you are not. sold as clear. and. i'm not always all i do for you anyway. if not the way we were many but you see him right. anybody who has no freedom of speech or be free to fall if somebody else wants to came to the cause of. the exhibition reflects the artist uncompromising and
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unapologetic. you're watching the w. news live from berlin still to come the w. business the text company that's become a flashpoint in the u.s. china trade war now washington effectively labels pull away a security risk. those stories and much more forward stephen he's up next stick around. if you ever have to cover up a murder the best way to make an accident. raring to. never read a book like this. mr richard quest.


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